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5th-Mar-2010 04:50 pm - DICKEYS IS ON TEMPORARY HIATUS.
During renovations, there will be a new OOC community. This will be left up un-deleted for memories sake.
25th-Feb-2010 01:45 am - HOLY SHIT GUESS WHO'S BACK!
Wouldn't you like to know?
I'll be damned, still no net at my house, but due to our neighbor graciously getting himself a stronger wireless router, i have a more steady signal ^^ which means~ DEZZY'S HOME! It's been a hell of a time i've been away, so the people i actively talked to (and anyone else really) could ya'z hit me up on aim so we can chat about shitz for me to do!
16th-Feb-2010 01:22 pm - Dropping
I actually think most of you should have seen this coming.

Anyway, as per the title, after some serious contemplations (of which I should not bother you with the details) I am dropping. I must say it has been a great fun to play with all of you and the time spent here was memorable.

So yea. Bye and I love you guys.

Also: Oh oh can I also request you guys defriend this journal also, coz it's paid and I might be using it for other stuff =)
12th-Feb-2010 03:37 pm - Cleaning house! :3
Hey guys, Mod Numero Dos here. I decided to do a little "spring cleaning" and do some much-needed updates.

First and foremost, the friend's list, taken characters, phone posts, and wanted characters have all been updated. ♥ Also, the following people have been purged:

an_oralfixation, schmexy_artist, eveningsunxx, and mydongislonger. If you are still interested in being with us, please feel free to re-apply. If not, then we'll miss you!

If there's anything else I haven't covered, nudge me.
28th-Jan-2010 03:07 pm - DICKEYS IS CLOSING FOR BUSINESS.
Well. It was a fun as hell run, but it's about that time to close the community. I have without a doubt met a great deal of awesome and talented people here. Both as players and friends period. And it saddens me to close the game, yet it must be done. The community will be open until February 8th, so if you had any logs or plots going on, then you have until then to finish them up!

I will miss this place dearly, and it's a shame to see it go. Though, if you still wish to (hopefully, hahaha) play with me, I am co-modding with Mechabunny (a.k.a. THAT CRAZY MINATO NAMIKAZE-MUN) at a multifandom we just created called blitzed. It's not even opening until late February, so if you have any extra time to RP and you want to join something just as small and (HOPEFULLY) slow-paced, you can give that comm a try.

In the meantime, I think I will leave both communities as they are to preserve the memories. I will still say that all of you have been incredible, and I will definitely miss you all.

Much love to all of you,


HAHA. And you believed me. ♥

No, seriously. DUE TO THE INSISTENCE OF YOU CRAZY KIDS, COMM'S OPEN. Reason for the post is a miscommunication snafu.
26th-Jan-2010 09:33 pm - Eugh...
Talk to meh
Okay guys, i'm sorry to do this to you again, but i'm posting it while i can. Apparently, things with the internet WEREN'T all straitened out, so that is why i disappeared as of late. As of right now, i'm posting i hiatus until I can get things more stable and if I can't in the near future, I'm debating about dropping. Because it's just not fair that i'm taking up a spot when someone else could be playing the character... I'll try to get on when i can, but until i decide whether to stay or drop, i'll pretty much only be able to use my aim on my phone >>; the biatch won't let me on livejournal else i wouldn't worry so much...buuuut, yeah, so HOPEFULLY i can still play, I'm working on getting things straitened out now, maybe it'll fall into place so i can hop back in.

Toodles until then!~
25th-Jan-2010 01:11 pm - unfortunate farewell~
Hey guys, Maggy here. It's unfortunate turn of events, but I'm dropping Sasuko. I thought about it a great deal. I love her, and I love Dickey's, but after my funk, my muse for her just kind of died and unfortunately, I don't even have the time right now to dedicate towards trying to get that muse back. Therefore, I have to say goodbye. (With that - please defriend aishiteiru_to.)

To those of you that I know here, thank you so much for making this an fun environment; I really enjoyed playing with you all. *hugs* For those of you that I haven't met or haven't gotten the opportunity to really talk to, good luck with Dickey's and have fun, okay?

If you want to keep in contact, you can talk to me still on AIM, MSN, or YIM. If you have a personal lj, feel free to add me if you want to; I'm uchimaki_always. (You can also message that journal if you want one of my IMs.)

Otherwise, it was really great here; who knows? I might come back one day in the future. I'll miss it, though; bye-bye Dickeys~!
24th-Jan-2010 05:08 pm - Hiatus
I will be on hiatus for certain personal reasons for a while and I will try to get into the mood of completing my log with Kabuto. (Sorry Lyko.)

And Sorry for anyone else who is affected.

Friday, if you happen to see this, come approach me? I want to talk to you about some things.
16th-Jan-2010 11:13 am(no subject)
I really do hate to have to do this, but pressing matters have left me with no other choice then to leave a majority of the RP's I am apart of. Unfortunately, this means Dickey's is one of the ones I am having to give up. As much as I would like, I am unable to devote much of my time to my computer anymore, and I an going to bow out now.

In my shot time here, I am very glad to have been able to speak with you, and I hope, that perhaps when I am no longer in such a bind, I will be able to return. Until then, I did have fun, and I see you all around.

With love and regards,
6th-Jan-2010 03:17 pm - Pop Quiz!
What is:

005 hours of math class
+02 hours commuting to (and from, combined) math class
+06 hours of math homework
+02 hours of music appreciation homework
+01 hour of chores
+01 more hour of cooking dinner
+03 hours of sleep (more if i'm lucky)

My life. I've actually been fortunate enough to remain conscious after getting home.

So yeah, this is just an official little heads up to warn everyone I don't talk to on a regular basis that my schedule has been shoved over a table and brutally ass-raped. So if I don't do anything for a few days on end, it's probably that.

So yeah. This isn't an actual hiatus or anything, god knows I couldn't stay away long enough for that. Just consider this a preemptive warning to the possibility of hiatuses in the near or distant future. Because seriously, I will be so pissed if I fail math, because I am not taking this shit again. And now, I must crack the figurative E-book. *totally still stalling with random blurby posts*
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